Isole Dinner Club’s History of English Food and Literature Series: Jane Austen

Friday, August 4, 2017
Time: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type: 
Adult Program
Location: Coach Barn
Fee:  $125/person

Isole Dinner Club is a Burlington based dinner club exploring different cultures and different times through a fusion art and performance with food and libations.  Curated by “food anthropologist” and chef, Richard Witting whose studies focus on the ethnohistory of food,  this dinner will include a talk by a scholar that links the author with the food and cuisine of the time period. Guest speaker Adam Krakowski will curate the beverage menu (including alcohol) and give a brief talk about drinks of the time period. A costumed demonstration of English country dancing to live music by members of The Burlington Country Dancers will entertain you between courses.

This event is created and offered in partnership with the Vermont chapter of JANSA, the Jane Austen Society of America.

Richard Witting

Richard’s culinary experience spans the continent: he grew up in Vermont and has worked in the restaurant industry on the West Coast in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. You’ll know his work locally, too, as his resumé includes Opaline, Duino Duende, Arts Riot, Dish Catering, Blue Cat, El Cortijo, Magnolia, and Dobra Teahouse. Currently, Richard is the chef owner of Firefly Catering and the event manager for Chef Frank Pace’s catering company. Additionally, he is power behind Isole Dinner Club, a Burlington-based dinner club exploring different cultures and eras through the fusion of art, performance, food, and libations. A self-described food anthropologist, Richard studies the ethnohistory of food and has been foraging, cooking, and selling wild edibles since 2001. Read more about Richard in Seven Days: September 2016 and November 2016.

Adam Krakowski

Adam Krakowski has worked at museums, historical societies, art galleries and restoration firms all over New York and New England. Adam co-authored Vermont Beer: History of A Brewing Revolution. He writes for Yankee Brewing News, a brewing industry newspaper. In 2010, he was the recipient of the Weston Cate Jr. Research Fellowship from the Vermont Historical Society for his project, “A Bitter Past: Hop Farming in Nineteenth-Century Vermont.”

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