Summer Camps

Thank you for your interest in our summer camp programs. Below you will find information on our 2016 Summer Camps. Please check our website in December for 2017 Summer Camps information.

CAMP TUITION ASSISTANCE: Please let us know if cost is a barrier to sending your child to camp. Tuition assistance is available upon request. Simply check the box on your application form and we will email you more information.

BEFORE / AFTER CARECampers may be dropped off as early as 8am and picked up as late as 5pm. This is supervised free time where children are encouraged to read, play games, and participate in other explore activities. Fee: $3/half-hour per family


Our 2016 Summer Camp Schedule

Adventures Half Day

LOCATION: based out of Adventures Room at the Farm Barn, except where noted.
 LIMIT: 16 campers/session

Ages 4 & 5

Ages 5 & 6

ather inside the Farm Barn for play, exploration, and stories before heading outside on a daily adventure! Together, we will spend time with our farm animals, explore the forest, visit the garden, and venture into the fields to make real connections to our food, fiber, and the natural world around us. Adventures Camp is filled with developmentally appropriate, hands-on experiences designed to encourage a young child’s natural curiosity while fostering a sense of collaboration and community through imaginative play.

Adventures Full Day

LOCATION: Based out of our outdoor classroom up the hill behind the Farm Barn
LIMIT: 18 campers/session

Ages 5 & 6                                                 

Ages 6 & 7

Our full day of farm Adventures begins at the outdoor classroom, where we may build fairy houses and toad abodes, chop vegetables to roast on the fire, or become forest animals and look for shelter and food. We spend the whole day outside and use the farm’s unique landscape for learning and exploring the forest, farmyard, fields, pastures, and garden habitats. These diverse habitats will help unfold the stories of the animals on the land, while building community through discoveries, collaboration, and play!

Discover the Farm

LOCATION: Based out of the McClure Education Center at the Farm Barn
LIMIT: 32 campers/session

Ages 6–8

Ages 7–9

We gather at the Farm Barn, then head out all day to discover all that the farm has to offer! Together, we will feast from the garden, find natural mysteries in the forest, and dig deeper into farm and garden chores. In small groups, we’ll explore the farm’s diverse landscape and interact with animals in the farmyard and beyond! We may also swim, build, and play along the shores of Lake Champlain. Our week culminates in a camp-wide celebration.

Taste of the Fields

LOCATION: Based out of the Market Garden
LIMIT: 26 campers/session

Ages 10–12

Ages 10–14

Taste, hike, play, swim, explore, and participate in chores out of our home base at the Market Garden! Together with our farmers, we will harvest and cook from the garden, work with the animals, and enjoy the surrounding forest, fields, and lake. Each day we will gather under the pavilion for stories, games, and laughter and the week will end with a feast the campers create to share with the farmers to give thanks.

Beyond the Barn Ages, Residential

LOCATION: Based out of a forest clearing near Lake Champlain
LIMIT: 16 campers/session

Ages 12–14 

Ages 14-17 

Go beyond the barn in this five-day overnight program immersed in all the farm has to offer!  Learn alongside our farmers, gardeners, and naturalists as the farm becomes ours. We will harvest ingredients to create delicious meals prepared in our outdoor kitchen – enjoyed around an open fire. Each day will provide us with new experiences, and draw to a close with the nightly return to our tent community.  Tents, camping gear and bicycles provided if needed.

Stewards in Training • Ages 15–17

Work & Learn opportunities for young adults to deeply engage in farm programs through real hands-on experiences while working and learning alongside our staff.

Adventures Camp Stewards in Training

COMMITMENT: 1 or more weeks

Interested in working with young children in an engaging camp environment? Join our education team as we create a safe and inclusive learning environment for youth through play, exploration, storytelling and song! Together we will facilitate inquiry and learning in each of the farm’s unique habitats - forest, field, pond, and farmyard!  SITs learn alongside staff in our Adventures and Outdoor Adventures Camps. Returning SITs have the opportunity to get involved with our Discover the Farm Camp. To apply for an Adventures Camp SIT Position, contact Jed Norris, 802-985-0309, or

Farmyard Stewards in Training

Interested in learning what it’s like to be an educational farmer in the Farmyard? Come help deepen each visitor's appreciation for the food we eat, the farmers that cultivate it, and the land on which it grows by providing hands-on experiences with our farm animals, opportunities for authentic farm work, and creating fun farm crafts.  Examples of responsibilities include: taking animals out on halters to interact with families and campers, leading agricultural interpretation programs for the public, participating in afternoon animal chores, and acting as a mentor to younger farmyard helpers. To apply for a Farmyard SIT Position, contact Cat Wright, 802-985-0344, or