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Welcome to our guest book. Whether you've visited us at the property or worked with our educators beyond the farm, we'd love to have your comments.

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  • I just came back from my second visit/stay at the inn and I have to say I am homesick to go back! It really feels like staying at a friends home. From the furnishings to the staff, it is such a warm and welcoming place. You can really just stay there on the grounds have a great time and not ever have to leave to have a great time! Right from the start we were greeted warmly by staff member Brandon and it just continued from there! I am sad to be back home now but I'm looking forward to my next visit!

    Lisa R. Newburgh, NY
  • Fantastic cheese !

    Jason S. Kawarthas, WA
  • We haven't been to your lovely inn in a few years and believe me, that hurts! We can't wait to visit you again. It's just like coming home... We are always sad on the last weekend you are open since we know there is no chance until next year. Good luck to all of the staff while closed. Evelyn & Anthony Buonanno

    Evelyn B. Valhalla, NY
  • Best place to watch the sun set over the Adirondacks.

    Max S. Jericho, VT
  • Just wanted to say thanks. It was so awesome!

    elphie r. Birmingham, AL
  • Delightful breakfast at Inn

    The buttermilk pancakes were unbelievable! My husband and I are still talking about them weeks later and hoping that we'll be able to make a return trip to your farm in the near future for another delightful breakfast!

    Lisa C. Somerville, MA
  • A location that contributes to the greater good

    We agreed we wanted the wedding to feel timeless. We also wanted the beauty of Shelburne Farms to be the main attraction! When you chose to get married in such a majestic place, you have to be careful to not overshadow it. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and just enjoy the weekend – a little mini vacation – and we really wanted guests to fall in love with the location, and come back to visit the farm. It was also very important to both of us to chose a location that contributed to the greater good: the farm is a nonprofit and the celebrations they host are a major contributor to the farm being able to continue their environmental and educational programs.

    Alexandra S. Coach Barn Wedding 2014, VT
  • Dinner at the Inn

    Thank you for the tastiest lamb I've ever had! The lamb entree on 8/6/14 was delicious and had just the right combination of textures between meat and veg. Great sausage, too. Kudos! A suggestion---season the meat with just a touch more salt before you send it out. Americans are salt-phobic in a way most other countries aren't, I know. But I suspect you're aiming for "perfectly seasoned in the kitchen so the diner needn't add anything." That's my goal, anyway, when I entertain. But there just wasn't enough salt on it, and shaking on big grains at the table is not the same thing. Besides, there are no salt shakers on the tables. Just a touch more would really make the lamb sing. Thanks again for a wonderful meal.

    Josh S. Winooski, VT